Women In Prison

Women In Prison

Disabilities In Prison

Disabilities In Prison

Solitary Confinement

Solitary Confinement

Veterans and PTSD

Veterans and PTSD

Child Incarceration

Child Incarceration

What is a disability?

A disability is a condition or function this is significantly impaired relative to the usual standard of an individual or group. Disabilities can involve various impairments including physical, sensory, cognitive, intellectual impairments as well as mental illness and different types of chronic diseases. A person with disabilities has special needs that they require to allow them to function to the best of their ability. In the prison systems of today however, these individuals aren’t treated justly. Often times these individuals end up in jail because of their disabilities, and rather than giving them guidance and help to prevent issues in the future; they are jailed, abused, isolated—all of which only further bring damage to them, rather than rehabilitate them.

In our coutry today there has been an alarming increase in disabled individuals in prisonsons and jails. The groups we'll focus on here include incarcerated children, women, veterans, and the negative affects of solitary confinement. 

Injustice: Mistreatment of the Deaf in Prison

April 26, 2012

Deaf people are among the most vulnerable populations in the U.S. criminal justice and corrections systems. They often receive insufficient healthcare and are more likely to suffer mistreatment and abuse than other individuals.

How the U.S. Justice System Screws Prisoners with Disabilities

December 16, 2014

Last week, Robert Wayne Holsey of Georgia and Paul Goodwin of Missouri were executed within just a few hours of each other. Each of them had IQs that hovered around 70. An IQ below 70 generally indicates someone with intellectual disability (ID). Goodwin and Holsey, then, were right on the borderline.

Disabled Prisoners' Lives Put at Risk By Poor Care and Treatment in Jail

September 18, 2012

Lawyers acting for a severely disabled prisoner who was rushed from jail to a life-support machine in hospital, are asking the high court to rule he should not be sent back to a prison that cannot meet his medical needs.


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Teardrops Left Uncried 

          From pain trapped inside 

          Waiting to escape 

          Trough the windows of your eyes 


          " Why won't you let us out ? " 

           The tears question the conscience 

           "Relinquish your fears and doubts 

            And heal yourself in the process "


            The conscience told the tears 

           " I know you really want me to cry 

            But if i release you from bondages , 

            In gaining your freedom You die " 


            The tears gave it some thought

            Before giving the conscience an answer 

            If crying brings you to triump

            Then dying 's not such a disaster " 


Ian E.Manuel  

Union Correctionnal Institution 

Montgomery, Alabama

The Equal Justice Initiative is a private, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that provides legal representation to indigent defendants and prisoners who have been denied fair and just treatment in the legal system.

Oakland, California

Books Not Bars organizes the largest network of families of incarcerated youth and champion alternatives to California’s costly, broken prison system.

New York, New York

We are a national litigation and public policy organization dedicated to exonerating wrongfully convicted individuals through DNA testing and reforming the criminal justice system to prevent future injustice.

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